Zero Waste Gift Set

Zero Waste Gift Set

Surprise a loved one or treat yourself with our Eco Gift Box. This set comes with all-natural everyday essentials for a plastic-free, eco-friendly living. You will get:


1x Bamboo travel mug of your choice
1x Grocery mesh bag
1x Loofah Body Scrub
1x Bamboo toothbrush 


♥ Our eco-friendly, reusable travel mug is made out of durable organic bamboo fibre and comes with a matching silicone sleeve and lid for keeping hydrated (and caffeinated) on the go. 
♥ Our cotton mesh bags are not only sustainable, eco-friendly and 100% natural, they are also super stylish, a great addition to any casual look. Perfect if you're going shopping, having a picnic or simply carrying your essentials.
♥ The loofah sponge is 100% natural and perfect for cleansing and revitalising the body. The back of the pad features an elastic strap to make exfoliating your skin easy.
♥ No more plastic with our bamboo toothbrush for a soft and smooth cleanse.


Most importantly, our products are: