Aromatherapy Roll on

Aromatherapy Roll on

All-Natural Aromatherapy Roll-on: Unwind - Revive - Love


Made with pure essential oil blend + Vitamin E, our roll-ons were formulated to provide you with mindful moments of self-care at any time of the day.


Our pocket size aromatherapy roll-ons will offer much needed wellness on the go and it can also be used as natural perfumes. 


Our blends:


Our 'Unwind' roll-on is the perfect way to encourage mindfulness throughout the day, release tensions, anxiety and stress. It also helps unwind for a restoring night of sleep and quiet the mind before a meditation session or yoga practice.
The aromas of lavender, vetiver and rose are soothing and relaxing, creating a calm mindset and sense of wellbeing.


Our 'Revive' roll-on is stimulating and energising. Feel fully refreshed and awake as you breathe in the Mandarin, Lime and Grapefruit essential oils. This blend is uplifting to replenish and revive your body and mind in a busy day.


Our 'Love' roll-on is perfect to reconnect with your body and foster a romantic and sensual state of mind. The aromas of Ylang ylang, Jasmin & Patchouli are indulgent and aphrodisiac to get you in the mood for love.

How to use:

Roll onto temples, wrists, chest and back of the neck whenever you feel in need. 


Warnings: For external use only.

Product specification:

Volume: 10ml


✓ 100% NATURAL