Self Care Box | Bath & Beauty Gift set

Self Care Box | Bath & Beauty Gift set

Surprise a loved one or treat yourself with our Luxurious Self Care Gift Box. This thoughtful gift set comes with:


1x Natural Cotton Toiletry Bag (20x12x6cm)
1x Sisal Sponge and Scrub (12x13x4cm)
1x Wooden Soap Dish
5x Chill Bath Pills


♥ Our toiletry bag is spacious and made of 100% cotton, it also has a little front pocket and a practical lateral handle.
♥ The exfoliating star (Sisal sponge) is also 100% Natural and biodegradable, it will be the perfect addition to your daily cleansing routine. The  sisal fibres are a natural way to exfoliate your skin effectively while improving circulation and skin tone.
♥ Our (sustainable) wooden soap dish is corrugated to keep your natural soaps drained well between uses and lasting longer.
♥ You will also get 5x 'Chill pills' or bath pills with 2 fragrances to choose from: Rose and Ylang Ylang & Patchouli - drop two or three in the bath for a little fun & fizz or one for a luxurious foot SPA.


Most importantly, our products are: